CUPE 917 JanuaryGeneral Meeting

CUPE 917 is hosting a Hybrid General Meeting on Wednesday January 18th, 2022 at 4:15pm in the MacLaurin D114

This meeting will be held in person and via zoom simultaneously..


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LifeWorks Resources

Lifeworks Employee & Family Assistance Program and wellness resources:

  • We have added the Work resources to our Resources page.
  • There are two(2) links that give you access to the Wellbeing Calander & LifeWorks Discounts.

The Wllbeing Calander offers resources in variety of easy-to-digest methods:

  • Videos;
  • Podcasts;
  • Info-graphics;
  • & just plain old regular articles.

The LifeWorks Discounts are exclusive discounts offered to employees of Uvic.


2023 TD1 tax forms

2023 TD1 tax forms will not be available until late January 2023 due to the Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) delayed release of the 2023 TD1 form.

As a temporary solution, UVic will be setting every employee’s basic exemption to:

  • $13,521 for federal tax, and
  • $11,981 for BC provincial tax.


How does this affect your personal taxes?

If you do not normally complete an annual TD1 or if you normally just claim the basic amount, then there will be no effect on your taxes.

If you normally complete a TD1 to:

  • Increase or decrease your exemption,
  • declare another employer,
  • declare other amounts, or
  • add additional taxes;

your initial 1-2 payrolls will not have your personalized tax deductions (deducted at source). This will be resolved when you file your taxes in 2024.


What should you do next?

Please check this page or on the week of Jan 23rd.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the payroll office.

Hours Worked Between Christmas & New Years

Employees Scheduled To Work On A Stat Holiday:

For this purpose, the Stat Holidays are December 26 & 27 as well as January 2 (the days that we consider “lieu days” are also considered Stat Holidays for the purpose of pay):

  • Employees who work on these days will be paid a regular days pay (per their normal pay deposit and which will be doubled either in pay or TOIL per the employee’s choice).


IF Employees Are Scheduled To Work During The Closure Period:

For this purpose, the Closure period days are December 28, 29, & 30:

  • Employees will receive their regular days pay PLUS additional vacation entitlements for 2023 (based on a minimum of 4 hours worked and up to a maximum of 3 full days).  For example, an employee is scheduled to come to work for 2 hrs Dec 29 & 7.5 hrs on Dec 30, that employee would receive 1.5 extra vacation days in their 2023 entitlement (the 2 hours is rounded up to a ½ day).


IF Employees Receives A Call-Out During The Closure Period:

For this purpose, regular call out procedures apply.  Please note that employees will also receive their normal day’s pay in addition to the doubled Call-Out hours.


Mechanical Shift Engineers

As with past years, as these gents work straight through the closure, they will automatically receive 3 additional days’ vacation for the closure period and no cards are required for them.


Here is a link to the guidelines.


Thanks again for all your understanding and cooperation in these matters.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your Executives, Shop Stewards, or Julie Ellerton.

CUPE 917 November General Meeting

CUPE 917 is hosting a Hybrid General Meeting on Wednesday November 16th, 2022 at 4:15pm in the MacLaurin D114

This meeting will be held in person and via zoom simultaneously..


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  • Winter Holiday Party Tickets

Winter Party!!!

Let’s Celebrate!!

Please join us for a party to make up for all we’ve missed.

  • We are currently only offering tickets to CUPE 917 members. Guest tickets will be circulating this Friday. Member ticket are provided for free and guest ticket will be $10.
  • Contact your department supervisor, union rep., or one of your executives (Tony, Scott, Kristen, Shane, Walter, or myself) for ticket information.
  • It will be held at Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall (4635 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC) on Saturday, December 3rd.


Employee Housing Survey

Through the Campus Plan consultation process, issues relating to housing availability and costs were identified as high priorities for both employees and students on campus. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in rapid housing cost increases and very low availability for both rental and ownership housing. The ability to attain existing housing options close to campus is increasingly challenging for many UVic employees.

Other Canadian universities, such as UBC, have conducted regular studies on employee housing. This is the University of Victoria’s first assessment of employee housing, which is of increasing importance related to employee recruitment and retention.

Results of the study will be shared with the university executive and Board of Governors. The study will inform the university’s existing housing programs and will help identify new programs and opportunities related to employee housing. This will include exploring opportunities to use university lands to develop housing solutions and support commercial uses to increase the supply of housing in the region. The university will explore opportunities to support diverse forms of housing, complimentary commercial uses and opportunities to support Indigenous community uses and programs.

Key messages:

• We understand housing affordability and accessibility is a huge challenge across the region, which affects many of our students, faculty and staff;

• We’re the first employer in the region to undertake this work to recognize and employ a strategy for employee housing needs;

• The goal of the survey is to assess employee housing needs, availability, cost and preferences;

• Issues relating to housing availability and cost are high priorities for both employees and students on campus;

• We recognize that an assessment of employee housing is of increasing importance for employee recruitment and retention;

• The university is committed to exploring diverse forms of housing for both employees and students;

• Other universities in high priced markets, such as UBC and SFU, provide employee housing on campus.

Communications strategy:

A virtual survey will be created and distributed to all employment groups at UVic. The survey will be hosted on CitySpaces’ (company contracted to create the survey and compile the report afterwards) Survey Monkey account. Data is stored exclusively on Canadian servers to ensure privacy and data security is maintained. The survey invitation, reminders and findings will be distributed using UVic’s employee listserve.

All internal communications channels will be used to promote the survey as widely as possible.

Outreach to media via a media release or advisory will be considered as appropriate.

Please check out the designated Employee Housing Survey website for more information: