When you’re starting to think about retirement, there are a few steps need to take beforehand. Below are the steps they need to take to help make the retirement process a little easier on everyone.

  1. If you are planning on retirement in the next 5-years, please complete the attached Estimate Application, and forward the completed application to Pension Services in MWB, or by email at .  Pensions asks that these requests be submitted at least 3-months prior to your retirement date, but no later than 1-month prior to your retirement date.  The more lead time you can provide pensions, the more smoothly this process will go.
  2. At least 1-month prior to your retirement date, you must also inform the department of your impending retirement.  I have attached a template letter that staff can use for this.  This letter must be handed in to the Supervisor, with a cc to the Manager, who will then pass on the letter to me for the departments records.  Once I have this letter, I can then complete the forms that pensions need to start formally processing the retirement.  Again, the more lead time the staff member provides, the smoother the process.
  3. Members are also encouraged to contact the Benefits department for information on continuation after retirement.  Staff can send these requests to .

For more information on this process, please visit pensions website at


Below are the downloadable documents:

Estimate Application

Template Retirement Letter