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We will be having a Zoom General Meeting on March 17th, 2021

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UVic works…because we do.

CUPE 917 represents over 1000 staff members working at the University of Victoria. We are the trades workers, grounds workers, security officers, facility attendants, equipment operators, janitorial workers, maintenance workers, food service workers, house-workers, and utility drivers that keep UVic running smoothly. We are often referred to as the “Outside Workers” at UVic.

We provide daily support and services to help the students, staff and faculty to be able to achieve their goals.



June 12th, 2020


Hello Members of CUPE Local 917

During the last few weeks we have been working on a letter of agreement with the University of Victoria, CUPE National and our Local Executive to ensure that members who may be laid off due to COVID-19 will maintain pay, benefits, pension contributions and seniority as an employee of the University of Victoria. The letter below reflects what we have accomplished through lengthy discussions with the employer, local 917 and our national CUPE representative. CUPE National has been involved throughout negotiations of this letter and has had their legal department look through this, as well as Local 917 Executive Board has voted unanimously in favor of adopting this Letter of Agreement. Please check our Workforce Adjustments page for more information.


President Byron Spiers & CUPE Local 917 Executive

COVID-19 Update


Local 917 has been working with the employer to try and get clarification as to what the next steps are. Please check the University of Victoria’s website for the latest updates as they come out as these statements will be the most up to date information available. 

We will be in touch with the employer to get an answer as to what the next few weeks look like as these are very trying times and we appreciate your patience in this matter but be assured we only want to share factual and useful information with our members.

The union did sign a letter of agreement with the University about wages, time off and procedures surrounding the COVID-19 scenario.

The letter of agreement states that the University will support the direction of the Provincial Medical Health Office, also states that employees requiring self isolation because of COVID-19 contact, or off work experiencing symptoms will continue to receive pay. The Letter of Agreement can be found here.

While it is an ever-changing situation by the hour, the most up to date information is located on the UVIC page such as any notices on how Campus is affected and the Staff FAQ page for more information. 

Please feel free to ask union questions or concerns that aren’t covered by the UVIC FAQ page to our contact@cupe917.ca email.


In Solidarity

Byron Spiers President of CUPE 917