Our local has many committees overseeing lots of different aspects of our local. From pensions, accomodation, health and safety to equity, education and bargaining, just to name a few.

Our local needs members to get involved with the local and help with our committees. Work with your fellow members to make our local strong and effective. A union works better when more people get involved, so start out by joining a committee.

Contact a steward or any member of the executive to let them know you’re interested

Below are our Current Committee and how to contact them:


Bylaw –

  • Vacant

Communication –

  • Patrick Telford

Education –

  • Patrick Telford

Equity –

  • Vacant

Occupational Health & Safety –

  • Eric Segec

Parking –

  • Shane Randall

Pensions –

  • Dave Chiddel

Sick & Retirement –

  • Scott Casson

Sick Bank –

  • Yvana Jovanovic
  • Walter Sly
  • Shane Randall

Social –

  • Jason Insley

Trustees –

  • Yvana Jovanovic
  • Mirijana Juras
  • Melinda Hranchuk

University Club –

  • Sage Mayhew