Workforce Adjustments

Hello Members of CUPE Local 917 – June 10th, 2020

During the last few weeks we have been working on a letter of agreement with the University of Victoria, CUPE National and our Local Executive to ensure that members who may be laid off due to COVID-19 will maintain pay, benefits, pension contributions and seniority as an employee of the University of Victoria. The letter below reflects what we have accomplished through lengthy discussions with the employer, local 917 and our national CUPE representative. CUPE National has been involved throughout negotiations of this letter and has had their legal department look through this, as well as Local 917 Executive Board has voted unanimously in favor of adopting this Letter of Agreement.

President Byron Spiers & CUPE Local 917 Executive


Workforce Adjustments Letter of Agreement June 10th, 2020


The Letter of agreement was voted on by the general membership and passed with a near unanimous vote on June 15th, 2020. Thank you to all who voted and their participation.

Here are some helpful links for more information about EI, CERB, or other current programs.


If you have any questions that are not clearly stated in the LOA, or answered below, or in the links above, please email us at


Frequently Asked Questions – This page will be updated often, please check back often!


Who is eligible for up to $950 a month top up?


Anyone who is laid off under this LOA, weather it be voluntary or not voluntary,  is eligible to receive up to $950 Gross Pay from the employer per month. This pay will have employee deductions for Benefits, Pension, Taxes, Etc prior to being directly deposited into the employees normal account for pay.


What would cause me to be ineligible for up to $950 a month top up from UVIC?


Employees who aren’t eligible for an approved EI or EI SUB Program (CERB) won’t be eligible for top up pay. Reasons for ineligibilty can include other work income or rental income above $1000.


Will our Retro Pay affect our EI/CERB eligibility?


No. Retro pay is based on earnings from April 2019-April 2020 and not during this period, so it is not considered income for this time period.


How many layoffs are we talking about? Who will be eligible?


We don’t know, it is up to the employer to make those decisions based on operational needs.


If this impacts me, what is my first steps for layoffs?


You should be invited to a meeting by your supervisor or manager, along with a Union Representative. This invitation should give you sufficient time to reach out to a Union Rep.


What about casuals and temporary workers?


Casuals should not be used during this period unless there is no regular member available who can perform the duties. Temporary employees have already started receiving notices to end terms early as per existing provisions of the Collective Agreement allow, and, similar to casuals, they should not be hired unless there are no regular member available who can perform the duties.


Is there any indication of a time-frame for these lay-offs or re-assignments?


Some layoffs may be immediate, some may occur in months to come. In addition you may be recalled and laid off more than once based on operational needs in the time to come.


If there are layoffs in my area, or reduced hours which constitute a layoff, how will they be selected?


All layoffs will be done by first asking for volunteers, in order of highest seniority first, who would rather take the layoff package proposed. If there are no volunteers then reverse seniority will determine the order with the Junior employees eligible first.


Vacation and Banked Overtime are mentioned, what about Sick Time?


Sick time is not affected and remains in effect as normal while you are working.


What is the wage and employment continuity period?


This is a reference to the first months of this pandemic when Uvic was able to keep employees at full salaries while they stayed at home. This was supported by a government program that has now finished.


Does my seniority accrue if I am reduced hours or laid off under this LOA?


Yes, your seniority will accrue based on your normal employment situation during this LOA.


Can I choose to take a leave without pay to save Vacation/OT time?


No, you can not take a leave without pay when you have been given temporary layoff.


I was laid off as part of Food Services Intermittent layoffs (LOA#6 in Collective Agreement) with a return to work date in September, if I am continued to be laid off after my return to work date do I transfer to this LOA?


Yes, if you continue to be laid off due to Workforce Adjustments after your set return to work date, you will then transfer to this LOA.